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Shanghai Dapu Instrument Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Dapu Instrument Co.,Ltd.was established in 2000. Dapu Zhichuang, Seiko Manufacturing.

A) In the Front-end Field of Instrument Manufacturing

Dapu Zhichuang: High-end pH meter with maximum indication error (+0.0002 pH); High-end Ionometer with maximum indication error (+0.0002 pX); High-end conductivity meter with maximum reference error (+0.03%FS); High-end turbidimeter with maximum reference error (+0.05%FS).

Dapu Zhichuang: The ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer with maximum allowable wavelength error (±0.1 nm) is manufactured. The measurement performance of the first-class instrument is superior to that of the first-class instrument specified in JJG 178-2007 National Metrology Verification Regulation. The electronic balance with special accuracy levelis manufactured, and its measurement performance is equal to or better than that of JJG 1013-2008. Requirements for the highest level instruments specified in the National Metrological Verification Regulations.

B) In the field of Internet plus, VIOLET functions specially set by relevant instruments

 (1). The instrument is connected with PC through USB interface. All the operation, measurement and data storage can be completed by PC operation. With the help of Internet, global remote operation can be realized.

 (2) The database stores measurement data, including main measurement value, measurement date, time, environmental temperature and other parameters. The instrument itself can store 99 groups of data at a time, and transfer the data through SD card, which can realize countless groups of storage (PC operation, directly countless groups of storage).

C) Improving the Basic Functions of Instruments

1. The basic functions of ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer configuration are: (1) time scanning; (2) spectrum scanning; (3) energy scanning. There is a measurement database in the database; a scanning curve database

2. The expanded application functions of electronic balance configuration include (besides counting and differential measurement): (1) liquid density measurement; (2) solid density (homogeneous) measurement.


Here, all members of the Dapu team wish the vast number of users enjoy science and technology! enjoy job!


Appendix Instrument Catalogue

A)  pH meter、ORP determinator、Ion meter、Cl、Na+、F Concentration determinator、

Ion determinator、 Swimming pool disinfection water quality determinator (ORP potential)

1. pH meter

2. ORP determinator

3. Ion meter

4. Cl、Na+、F Concentration determinator

5. Ion determinator(K+、NH4+、Ag+、Cu2+、Ca2+、Pb2+、Br、NO3、CN、I、BF4、S2

6. Swimming pool disinfection water quality determinator (ORP potential)

B) Conductivity Meter、Salinity meter、Nutrient solution determinator、 EC determinator

1.Conductivity meter

2.Salinity meter

3.Nutrient solution determinator

4.EC determinator

C) Turbidimeter


2.Beer turbidimeter

D) Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrophotometer

1.Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer

2.Visible Spectrophotometer

E) Electronic balance

1. FA(D)Electronic balance

2. JA(D)Electronic balance

F) Automatic titrator

1. potentiometric titrator

2. Conductivity titration

3. Water (Karl-Fischer) titrator

4. Perpetual stop titrator

5. Polarization titrator

G) Dissolved oxygen meter

H) Conductance electrode calibration meter

I) Water quality analyzer(1#)

J) Automatic titrator

1. Fully automatic multifunctional titrator

2. Fully automatic moisture titrator (Karl-Fischer)

K) On-line monitor

1. On-line pH meter、ORP determinator

2. On-line Cl、Na+、F Concentration determinator、

3. On-line Ion determinator(K+、NH4+、Ag+、Cu2+、Ca2+、Pb2+、Br、NO3、CN、I、BF4、S2

4. On-line Conductivity titration

5. On-line Salinity meter

6. On-line Nutrient solution determinator

7. On-line Turbidimeter

8. On-line Dissolved oxygen meter

9. On-line swimming pool disinfection water quality determinator (ORP potential)

10. On-line Water quality analyzer(1#)

L) Others

1. Magnetic Stirrer

2. Electrodes, probes

3. Standard liquids